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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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to start cutti ourselves off from each other, rather it to work together. and this brings me back tohere i begin. world depends on a mocratic that upholds the principles of pluralism d diversity that our areommon creed. as free peoples we cant allow thforce that is i've describe fears about security to und mind the security to universal lues to the source of our strength . dedemocracy can be messy andlow, i know that. i have to deal with a congress. [laughter] >> we ve to constantly work that it's t a detached
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initutions. ere's no doubt tt how unit europeorks together ca be improved. but look around the world at authoritarian governnts, there's no doubthat democracy is the most st and effective rm of government ever create [applause] >> and when i ta about democracy, iust don'tean ections because there are a mber of countries where peop get 70-% of the vote but they contl l all the mia
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and the judiciary and civil society organizations andgo's can't organized and have to b registered a are intimidated. i meanreal democracy, -- ofhe sort we see in the united states andere europe. we have to bee vigilant in pillars of democracy not ju elections, but rule of law as fair election. a ee press, vibrant civ societiewith citizens n work for ange and we shoulde suspicious of those who claito have the interest ofofururope at het and yet don't practice the values thatre essential to europe at have made freedom
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in europe rl. so, yes, tse are unsettling timeand whenhe future is uncertain there seems to be an instinct in humanature to draw our own tbe, our own sect, our own natnali, people who look like us, sound like us buno today's worlmore than n any time in h human history that is a fae comfort itit pits people againinst one another because of who thehe ay, who theyey love and yet we know that kind of twisted thinking can lead. it can lead d to oppppression, t
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can lead t to segregation andnd torment camps in the united stateses we long w wrestled thee of iegration, and we still have a lot of wowork to do but e progress allowows somebody likee as president of the e united ststates, that's because we committed ourselveto a largeger ideal, one based on a creed not a race, not a nationality, a set of principles, trueses that we heheld to be self-evident that l men werere created equ. and now as eururope confronts questions of immigraraon and religion and assssimilation, i wantou to remembmber that our countries are stronger, they're
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secud when we welcome anand that includes our f fellow citizens o are muslim. [applause] >> l look, the sudden arrival of so many people beyond ourr borders specially when their cultes are very differert that can daunting. we have immigration issues inn the united states s as well alog our southehern border of the united statates and from people arriving f from all around the world who get a visa and dieied they want to stay. and i know politics ofof immigration and refugeeses is hard, it's hard everywhehere at everyy country.
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and just as a handful of neighbororhoods shouldn't bear l ththe rden, neither should all one nation, , all of us have to step up, all of us have e to she this responsibilitity that includes the united statetes but even as s we take steps that are requireded to ensure our securi, even as s we help turkey and greecece cope with the influx ia way that is safe and humane, even as chchanceor merkel and other europeanan leadede work fr an orderlyly immigration and resettlement processss rather tn a disorderly one, even if w we l need to collective do more and invest in sustainable developmpments and n nations whe those people are fleeingng so ty
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can succeeeed and prosper in thr own n countries s and reduce the conflicts t that cause so much f the refugee crisis around thehe world, chancellor merkel and others are eloquently remindeded us that we cannot turn our backseat on -- backs on our fefellow human beings and need r hehelp now. [applause] >> we hahave to uphold our valus not just when it's easy t t en it's's h hard. in g germany more than anywhere else we leararn that what the world neneed is not more walls,e can't define by thearrierss to keep people out or to kekeep
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people in. atvery croross roads we moved forward when we acteted onon the timeless ideals that tell us to be open to one another.. and i ththink of so many germans and people across the europe that have wewelcomed migrants io their homes becacause as one won in b berlin said, we need to do something, just t that human impupulse to help and i think kf the refugees that i want t to teacmymy kids the value of working, that human n impulslseo see the nextxt genereration have hope l l. maria: good morning, we e are listening toto president obama speaking i in hannaoverer,erman, u.s. will dloy y 25military forces. ththe president also commentin this morning on the europepean migrant t crisis and the importance of a united european unitit in the global economy. we are watchching e e president
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comments and we e will take yaw back there as newsevops. want to turn to the eleio right now. happy monday, everybybod thk you very much for join ugh us. republican rivals ted cruznd john kasasich to block donal ump's path to presidential nomination. both presidents veeleased statementshis morning with plan oatcks in upcoming primaries, they e splitting compian duties between the t of them. the cruz campaign issu a statemen quote, to ensure that we nominate a republic who can unify the repuan party and win nember, our campaign ll focus its time and resources in yippe and in turn clear the path forovernor kacho compete inregon and new mexico. the kasich campaign also released a statement sayg, que, donald trump does not have the suppof a majority of rublicans, our goal is to have an open conntn in cleveland erwe are confident a candidate e cable of winng in november will emerge the trump mpaign responding to
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the alliance, it is sad thatwo grown liticians havav to collude against peon who has been. ank you so much for joining us. >> you bet. >> i want tooint outut my panel, . anastasia amoroso. what is your take on what t jo kasich is doing.g. clearly an agreeeement that they want to o split up the next upcoming races ttake trump down. >> i am worried onir behalf thats too little too late. john kasich has played a spoiler role.
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he lost st from marco rubio what is kasich been promised. the only statehas won is home state ande's going in the conventioneally, really w where he needs to be, it's going to be interesd but bothf them are going toet enialated. maria:ou don't think it's going to work th? my thought is about time th they did this. kach should have done this wes ago, i agree with chris on that point. look at pennsylvania torrow, e latest poll average show thats kasich and cruz combine have about 50%, trump about 40%. sosof we would have -- if they woulhave started the strategy two weeks ago, pennsvania could be a differentcome they were going to seeomorrow. trp will probly win byby a good margin,ut show it is
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unpopularity of trump, the ft that you he two candidates workg together to stop someone is unheard of. maria: it's quit extraordinary. jon hsenrath, anastasia weigh in here. on the other side ofhe coin, i look at this and saywawa second s thisllllowed? jon: j jong there'e's -- jongng erere's a rule in politics tt you can'tololde. maria: right. jon: does this mean th i it's nonow or cruz or kasich campaigf they do t t to a convention and one of them win it i is nominatn b b that the other is automaticay y the vice president. maria: chrhristopher any thoughs onhahat?? >> t think it's going to be a cruz-kasich ticket.. they can't c call each othther .
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they have to worththrough staffers. ifububioio would have called kasich where they competedhehe staffers will say, you're tt conceding right now,w, w why aru talking and thenororry about los angeleles. ththey have probably been workgg on it for weeks. i suspect t the cruz campaign which is in a positionff strengngth here, if i was him i wowould have demanded drop out for kasich. jon: kasasich has veded that he would never accept a presidentitial nination. and w w that m might be what hes stuck wh. anastasia: either at or thinks there's a path for nomation. perhaps cr doesn't win the cond rnd. he must thinthat there's a way for him to that nominaon. so that will be my questioto the other nelists, do you gu, is there really a path here?
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quick answer and we willll come back to that. >> verery simple logic, if trump gets the majority, they have no power to broker a convenention. the goal is to stop trumanand get to an open convention, t thn anything can happen. this is not house of carards, is house e of chaos. ththere's no dl. they're trying t to survive and get to an openen conventioion. maria: we want to take shohort break. we he momore on the election with you both afteter ththe shot break.k. stayay with us gentlemen. a a record week and the staggerg nunumber of firearms the agency has confiscated. stay with w will be back in a moment. i'll s save ththe ! for r plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage yoyou can count on. you chipped my birdbat now you' g gna pay! not fast! i cover more an just cars and trucks. ♪ actn n fl did somebody say "ininsurance? childr: flo!
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>> welcome back. the republic front runner is playing a part and will art to pivot to aore presidential rsona. sayingis stability was taken out out ntest. >> i was talng about rallies. >> that what you said. >> that's what i said. maria: t you go. sort of trying to clary that dold trump will be more presidential.
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john u your thoughts on this. how doou see it. >> he made the mistake by saying the truth. [laughter] >> now is the mont that ump will have deh. how more proam can you get thanhat. stil trump is a classic politician. at's the irony of this entir campaign is that he's lling people what they want to hr. he tapng into anger and he's a demagogue. he'sot a lear, he's nonot a coervative. he's just a careerolitician that he hopes that the e ely ages of a career. maria: chr, do you agree with that? i think that ul wasn't taken ouof con tek, he was trying to cut des. he's parof this new trump
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strategy to actuallyalk to delegates and haveore than just a rally strategy buit may be too little too te. pennsylvania, that's a primary tomorrow where trump is leang by 10, 12, 13 poin in that ste anwill probabldo well. 54 by delates aren't bound by anything. ey are going to go into the convention,rump's only chance are those kind of d dls to try and windshield wiper on e rst ballot. jon:an we talk some mo about the pennsylvania primary, is this one that looks like colorado where trumpurns around and winthe vote and says the wholeystem rigged against hixplain how thatt procs in pennsylvania is going to wor >> well, each congssiona district, which think the are gets three people who they vote for directly thnames s of these delegates are on the ballolot. those people aren't bod by anybody, to y particular
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candidate and can ba anyone they wt. will look like colorado in that. think trump learned a lesson i would expect to see paul a guys try to woo these guys and back trump and b be bound. maria: let's taltuesday y for a second. how dodoou see it playing out? >>rurump will probably do well. it illustrates while thihis de with cruz and kasisichhould have happened weeks a ago. trump will probably do pretttty well. every state has rules s and is confusing, but h he will probaby come out and be strong afterer this. mamaria: right. >> he wiwill have e a hard time winning indianana and oregon an, californ, , 172 on the last day of vototing. i'm still fairly optimisistic we are e going to see an open nvention. maria: wow. >> trump's argrgument thatat the system iss rigged, if it's not legigitimate then he's not legitimate.
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. maria: welelcome back. gasoline pricehihigher, jumping sharplply over the past three weeks. 2.18 a gallon. watching oil. good morning, phil. phil: goodod morning, maria. yeah, these gasosoline prices ty have been n exploding the last couple o of weeks. and partrt of it is because demd
6:25 am
is exploding as ll. whwhat we are seeing low prices that we saw earlieier th yeaear has spsparked a a d demand d re. now, the other thihingof course, we have seen the big sprieks in crude prices from where w we were at the lows, crcrude up 70% from the lows. so whenever you get the crudude prices goingng up you u see the gasoliline prices follow. but as bad as it soundnds, belee it or not, e even with prices going up 50 ces s over the last two months, a gallon we aree still about 15% below where e we were a year ago. so when we get into the summmmer driving g season we would expect prprices to continue to go up because the gas becomes momore expensive. the gogood news gas is lower thn a year but s still going the ri. maria: phil flynn in chica a and jon h hilsenrath and anastasia
6:26 am
amorososwith us. the peek in n first-quarter earnings, ananastasia, there's economic data, gdp, coconsumer confnfidencece,. jon: we have the story in n frot wage of wall street joururnal today that bond yiyields are starting to rise n not just in e u.s. but all over the worlrld. we saw the dow cross over 18,000it looksks like the markets are telllling us that afafter a reaeally abysmal first ququarter, it's picking up in te second a and third quarter. i wonder what you'u're thinking about that, amorosa.
6:27 am
anastatasia: the dollar seemed o have peak. we think we are going to g get e worst of earnings this q quaer. i ththink we can get past that. i think it's a growth ststory. i think that's what's been missing the china growth scacare and european growth scare.e. ththat's a big lift not just to commoditities but eururopean sts ansoso fth. the big question in my mind isis can all of theheieces continue. if i were to picup aiece is the u.s. dlar, that's a linchpn everytything. i might argue in thehort-term the dollar is pbably moved lower just a little bit o muchch becaususe i thk habeen priced in. curiouto get your take, jon. jon: it was be the u. nsumer and not the u.s.ollar. i don't believe in groh in china. i think, you know, may the mafactcturining numbers are
6:28 am
stabilizing, buthehave way too muchapacacity y there and th's not going away. maria: yeah. jon: the global economy isis gog to pick up and it's gogoing to e because u.s. c consumer, that's why we will watch the coconfence numbers. maria:hehe dollar is going to be big story ahead of japan meeting on thursday, w we ll see if the yen weaknesess and the dollar strengths. more stotories coming up. we will take a a short break. outraged s surrounding targets anender policies. ndreds of thousands threatening boycott. a flying cancellights no longer a problem, a new p will book yououflig in a matter of seconds. st with us
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tree into a a good monday morni, everybody. it is monday, apapril 25th. 6:30 a.m. . on the east t coast. taking onn trial. ted cruz and john kakasisich are teaming upup to block donald trp for the nomination. a contested convenenon come july. the populist rhetoric on bothh sides of thehe aisle. >> we e are not going to allow jobs that are currentltly
6:32 am
negotiating to move to mexicico. >> or rate t t economy despite all of our labor. % of a all new income generatedd today is go o in t the top 1%. thatat's right. [booing] that is not whatat the american economy is supposed to b be abot good maria: we are e looking at the bestst markets on the program ts morning coming up. moments ago esidident obama announceces more troops headingo see heher he wraps up the strip this morng. a new record for the tsa in n a scary statistic. you u will b believe how many ts the e agency has confiscated frm carry-on bags inust one week. we will tell you about it. boycotting t target. the ououtrage coming up to no bigger headache thaneaealing with t the canceled flight. now there is an aicot. plusus the coast guard rescucuea
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man trieied to run to bermuda in an inflatable bubble. by the o organation is not happy with having to sell l him back o shorore. markets this morningng look like this.. we arere looking at a major week in terms o of economic data. the fed meeting g was that a big week for earnings. is the peak week in termsms of thee first-quarter eararnings. this week a third ofof all s&p 0 companieies will report. exxonmnmobil, apple, twitter, on the economicic cendar central bank m meetings, the federal reserve has a two-day y meetingn wednesdaday. no i interest rate hike is expected that the bank of japapn has s admitted on thuday. pl we've got ratings on durable e goods paid the first-quarter gdp anconsumer confidence this week. ted cruz and john sich announcing aew coordinated effort to block dona trump's pass through the repubcan nomination. wewestchester pennsylvania wit the latest. good morning to you..
6:34 am
>> appropriate, , good m mornino you. momements like this i'm reminded of the worords bugs bunny to one side of course you knonow this means war.. where shall be b between a trump campaign, kasich andeded cruz. ted cruz had barely fifinished s appearance at heher fox ws t ton hall in pennsysylvania last nigt when his campaign m manager to ensure we nomina a a republican who cacan unify the republican paparty, our campaign will f fos it timime and resources in india and in turn clclear in turn cler the path for governor kasichch n oregon andnd new mexico we hope alice both campaigigns follow my lead.. the e campaign did follow their lead immediately jumping o on boboard. hehere is governor kasich. > we are ing to an open convention. ople say he doesn't notice talking about. turns out i'm'm right and we wil go there. the delegates arare going to thi about who o can win in the fall.
6:35 am
maria: as you u can imagine, ths provoked a sharp response fromom the trump campaign. pollution is often i illllegal i mamany other industries and yet these two washington i insiders have had to revertrto collusion in order to stay a alive. they are mathematicalllly dead d in fact only shows special interests a trtruly weak a truly weak bayonet campaign fifire. kasich i immediately canceled a couple events in i indiana to focus onon oregon and new mexic. ted d cruz thinks indiana is his last indicates donald trump from his last a and best chchance to stufufthe maturity delegates in doing so he is goi b between now and d all the indiana primary challenge in d donald trump to a debate. >> donald seems that fast l like telling us what they canan see has. ybe you can demonstrate ththose hands by comining d showing up at a a d debate.
6:36 am
>> trump h has a big event. a controrsial experiencece. a lot of protests byby students not one to come. the e university president set t a message, a video message onn their websbsite saying this is a matter of free spepeech. church busand barack obama appearedere anin the spirit of politics and y y for donald trump to appear. mamaria: plus firerks that in pennsylvaniaia. chief investment officer, , good to see you. thanks for joiningng u us. you arlooking at the election from an ininstor perspective thoughts on whiccaate in the economy. >> now we have t to dealith who istill out there. i was always big ruby outcry d i think there were a numbe others in the republican field who would've bn market friendlyandidates. right noe biggest issue is
6:37 am
largely the price and the likelihood of a hillary clton esency. thissue not talking about is the senate and the house. that's why the rublican side is so i importa. if indeed a chump mination happens and results in t gop losisi the senate, that's a different outcome th iff hillary is in a didivided situation n in president obama found himself the last fewew years. maria: y you think hillary clinn winning thehe electction or negative.. > negative for markets. at this point is relative. the markets s have to price in whicich hillary clinton would be presesidt. the oncacampaigning would be a disaster for markets. this issue he has, t the more extreme rhrhetoric against the energy issues, f frank ian and o foforth will not h happen n in e republican house and senate. it reminds me of the ocho situtuatio
6:38 am
the markets nevever thought republicans to lose the housuse. and d obama obama reelection to the latest are this s because we stayed in that. bubut if hillary clinton were become the p presint and take ck the senate, perhaps even house, h have a bigger mandate, that gives her political capitil which could be damagingng for health carare. maria: the broader markets ass well. talking out how a change in senate and president. w we've gotten a little momentum ithe last few weeks isow a lookout to november. it possible for the stock market t to gonywhe was so much insurgency from this electionnot just a presidential, but the sete. >> it's ssible f for the markets to go they will hold markets in aces an those pololiticalncertaty se-evaluations. but i thinkhe july issue is where we can get throughhat insurgency the republican cvention stuff
6:39 am
cra. once we know whohe cdidates are about the markets wille on i don't think there's lot of market fright now i'm aware of t fact is a high likelihood of hilly clinton esidency. should someh try and s getting traction in the lls, that would makit more interesting. overall as far as the rket had en, markets are pretty road to overshooon thealuation side and i tookt very well have en. >> site eleion, the fed is gog to do are not gointo do headed intthis week, do you expect the will hint at a possibleate hike in june and if so what might that do to the market? >> this is t thing of talking to clien about. ife weren't an election year, it's wt we would talk abo. if they hadn't have been effective tightening forhem because thdollar rallies and all of a sudden they have to walk it backater.
6:40 am
china then responds. the fed disorders that the former guidance doing the taping for the there is one depciation talk and all the othe issue w they can go through that i an electioyear will be very interesting. i don't kn if bill had that hiking or not. >> i don't tnk they have ou information right now to send them a strong snal that they will go in june. >> they were expting to raise ras twice in016. re we are looking at m. whenou think this to you think those two ights obeyed? >> four mes originally a then they pulled it ba to t. >> we asd you a gallon at a prs conference this april is on the tablele. yes of course is on t the table.e. she did ththat with a policy
6:41 am
statement that i included no his thatat tre was going to move in april. they p put anoer polyy ststatement that has nhints, but of couif things get better we c still do it. >> theare not willing pre-mmit to anything at this juncture, but a few th have changed to the pititive from la mting to this meeting and that is the labor mark continues to tighten an fiial conditions continue d's. i uld gue they have enough amnition to move into june. your poi is well ten. >> not only that. they are goi to send a hints on where day and trsday will get a 0.3% int on gdp. i don't think -- - my only popoin-- >> this ahort-term move obviously. >>n a way that can prevent it. th know they have to r raise rates are ththe best thing they can do is make sure the dollarar does not probably a lot.
6:42 am
>> are going to o be talking abt hinting and so forth. conditioions improved. exexcept for wider conditions improve? ththey peeled back the rhetorico they are just sortrt of in this catch-22.. ultimately, we have sefor sometime areal inflationary concerns that drive th to act and ose ululd be six, 12 months off. mari by e way, b the were oil lives just pointing out oil has raer fusion t last through four weeks. vid connected to have you on therogram. chief investment officer ke sure to tune in on super tuesday. number three tomorrow. righhere on the fox business dumper, join us for spial coverage as thfive states hold imaries. cong u protests or expect that target stores across s the country is the latest bubusiness cacaught in the debate over bathroom policy.
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maria: welcome back at this bundlere opening for broader aves. halliburton will be e to watch baby oil giant daying the releas its first-quarter earnings uil nex month. it'saitingorhe deadline for its merger wanors use. announcingngut a6000 jobs this quarmore than the original forecastst. repoing earnings t to markethe text jibe with first year of cline in iphone sales. revenue expected to go dn from a yeararlilier. e first time that would happ in 13 years. this is all expected s will see with thiought does.
6:47 am
transportation security administration witnew cord aftens from carry- bags. cheryl casone th this amazing ory. gu and carry-on bags. >> another time e u went to the airport and it got stuck. 73 fearmwere found in passenger carry-on luggage b aiort snners. this is a new recordit last week. tsa officials said t number was ached in the seven days ded april 21st in the ll surpass the gh of 68 set in n a sober. news on the coug to bdy appeared uber may be change in poli towards driver soliciting tips. $100 million class-aion lawsuit allows blbluebird to continue classying rather than ployees. goob alsclarifying its policy and tipping the new agreement allows svers to post reet signs in their cars
6:48 am
sameme hat tips are included in the fair. get t yourash out bicically. here is sosomething you don't se every day. the coast guard with a gu trying to go from flflorida to bermuda in a bubble cracked sterday. after the 44-year-old man ignored an ordererrom officials warning of imprisonmnment if thy didn't make the trip withoutut a support boat. we do listen. finally this. target today with 400,000 people signgned a plee to boyoycott target after target announunced that employeesndnd customers will be e allowed to use the bathroom that correspondnds with their r gender identity. critics say targrgets bathroom policy can be exploited by predators but the quesestion toy fofor target stores across the country y is going to end up picketing a protest that we don't kw. but this is a lot t of signaturs against the comny.
6:49 am
trade to an alreready stretched. for the retailers. you sasaid earlier it's about te consumer. >> i thi i it's a flash of the page to o tell you the truth. you walk into so many restaurants these days and thohe unisexathroomsms. bathrooms were a a male or femae could when. >> the people protesting table, creepy g could go into the women's bathro and say i feel aoman today and the law could back him. >>he year program effe to squeeze a loof people into a bathroom. in an n dividual store i don't see why the time can't change- my storirian change wiimes and have bathrooms wereone could walk in. >> that's probably t solution. the ise is far from resolved. they d have a similasen houston thatas n not a company. nded up not having the law
6:50 am
allowing t community to go to t the bathroom with the identity tt they have. so the is ts more decisions that need to be e made on this. seems like the solution mit t be jobs. cheryl: something happe, can th sue target? theyill have to address this in some way shapor form. mari t company is looking get the power backo the travel. this new app you wilwant to know about in ainute. ♪ they say that in life,
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a: welcome back to my beloved guards and flights canceled. bu than 128,delayed according fight stats. some airlines for healthy searchlights free harge in event a cancellation. w offer peace of mind with major delays.s. a ticket.e the tavern ne $200 nexext guest terrorist is another way. david bernstein is the couounder and ceo of freberg here ananks for r joing us. how does freberg work? >> and empmpowers to read both claimed flights are disrupd.d. >> you a are charging of a killr feed that people -- thatat's the
6:55 am
cost of a new tutually a face to ee disaster y your flight is canceled or is thimamajor delays. free bird will ditit all. >> that's correct. we crgrge a small fee before they take the trip. net $2 per one-wayay flight untl two days before dartu.. if the flight is disruptpted to mpmp into action and let the customer to choose a newew fligt and purchased a netiticket for free. >> how is ththis different from using the united outcome of f te delta app becauswhwhen you fly at connecticicut's delayed it, u have the instant option to revoke without hining to pay the $200 fee.. why does not go that route. >> that's correct. when an airline e haa cancellation, they try to rereve yoyou their own airline if you need to make e a change beyond the airline cmumunity go stand in l line. you have tcacall the call center, wait on hold.
6:56 am
what we do is t t the power in your h hands c can make your own decisions. a allow you to choose an airline and the sellerusust than 30 secondsitith only three tops. if your favorite airline, preferred flig i is different, we invite you to choe e thatat immediately. >> is this only r r canceled ights are also for delayed flights?s? >>hahat a great question. >>utut, we covered canceled flights,lilights delayed by four hours o or more. if you are choososing to fly, unfortunately that's not covered. what percentage of fligss are canceled? >> great questn.n. it depends on 10 appeared, which are poor you flyutut of. on average across the titire u.s. is around 2 there e are certain months of th year, februruary, cities like
6:57 am
chicago or the c cancellation re the cancellation rake in the highghest 8% or 10%. >> should ononly use your servie in chicago in february. i it's actuallyot the case. ththey are important events in people lives were getttting to the destatation, gettingo pepeople and places that matte are super importa.. weddings governor cruz iththe thth the sinner nothehere, business m meetingngs, getting e for the holidays are all r rlly important times. the events oththe other end are what matter and that w wt we help people get to. maria: it's a nicece insurance poli.. great to see you.. thanks so much congrats onn tt.t. coming up next hour, "mornings with maria." charlie dent will weigh in onon the ted d cruz john kasich alliance. >> it was reallyly nice to find sosomebody that was my age that wasn't looking for s somebody 35 years old
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria:elelcome back to monday morning. it is monday, a april 25th. top storieriright now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. tecrcruz and john kasich have teamed up to god donald t trump from getting the nominatation. in for a consted cvevention in july the t trump is focusing on the general election andnd hilly clinto >> i haven't eveven focused on hiarary. the last person she wawants to n aiain as donald trump. >> trump keeps sayining things lilike didn't really mean it. it was a all part of my rerealiv show.
7:01 am
rurunning for president will ben your screen. yoknknow what, if we buy that, shame on us. he's aeaeady showed us what he believes in a survey saiwhwhat he wants to do. trying to more bootsn n the ground. president above the nonouncing 250 additionalal troops headed o syria. and they wanted over hilry intoton's e-mail investigation. e cocould be a leak from the fbiing. another entry for saurry. whheher he makes it bad for the playoffs is th question. the celebrity effect. ke a look at the most valuabab stars when it cometo social media. markets this mng and lk him over. big week of economic da and monetary policy. thtwo-day fed meeting and nk of japan meeting. down about 20 poinhis morning and another ek for eaeaingsnd economic dat gdis outhis week. alming up in the program. anastasia amoroso c "the
7:02 am
wall seet jrnal" jon hilsrath. thanks for joining us for economic data. excited et your insight. are dent will join us ahead of the primary tomorw night. dge andrew andrew napoli pports along with house majority leader m delay and former debbie debbie the ceo republicenate candidate come out linda mcmanus joinin. dot miss any of it. rn to the 2016 campaign trl right now candidates on th sides making a final push in super tsday 3.0. the latest bulli as donanald trump holda double-digit lead in nnsylvania with 45% support. teuz at 27% and john kasich with 24%. just as kasich and ted cruz blocd the path to the presidal nomination.
7:03 am
blake burman that e latest. good morning to you. >> hi there, maria. th is that the network trump groundswell has been hg for we it it's a level of coordination to stop donal tr for the 1237 degates. the campaigns of tedand when john kasich sentut statements wi mere minutes of each other late lasnight saying basicallthey would be coordidinating a few of the upcomingtewith kasich pulling out ndiana and cleang the way for ted cruz to try take on donald trump one-on-one, the in oregon d new mexico in the upcomi weeks as well. trump d off a statement whputs outut 1:00 this morning essentially saying this is word shows t system is rigged. he also wroteolluon is often
7:04 am
yet these two wasngton in insidersorder to stay alive. they are mathematically de this act onl sws the donors and special terests, how truly ak how truly week they had their campaign m kasich haseen trying to make the se for a while now that thisgoing to a contested convention and he did so sterdaring a town hall. w we are going to an open convention. i've bn saying ifor two nths. rns out i am right. we are going to go there. i'll tell you what peopl think. ey would think about who canan win in the fl. >> you mentioned were in cklle, maryland at john kasiill be campaigning in maryland and pennsylvania. ted uz is pulled out of the five states inlay tomorrow. yowill be in indiaiana throughout thehe d. donald tru campan into a pennsylvia. maria: aig night tomorrow.
7:05 am
want to bring an pennsvaninia congressman charlie dent rig now. as f joining us this morning. >> thas, maria. the big mbmber of delegates up for grabs. ve you see n? >> right now donaldd t is ahead of both governor kasic and d cruz. i still believe goveor kasich will do well in e lehigh vaey in suburban pittsrgh. it's goi to be a real fight here. no question about it. as mena has unbound delegates and some of thesdelegates deci ireally what's going to matter. they didn't like it tomorr, too. ma have said they'll listen to the will of the vors in their congreional district. 's very much a flu situation. >> at the impoant t point cause we want to talk abo how deletes are lected in nnsylvania. this morning we are having t debate about wt we should
7:06 am
think ted cruz and kasi teaming up to ta trump dow can you explain w delegates are selected and what thatht mean in e face of this new pushback from trump'p' competitors? >> share. way they are selected as this. 71 total delegates i like it in the 60 in the safety for our eleed in 18 coressional districts. the protter and then the other 17 woulde bound 14 in paicular and the oth three at two nional mmittee op in the state republican chairman. thatats thway of the land. the 64 -- we'll the biggest buckhe biggest bloc of unbound delegates at the convention. there's certaiy a stop drug movement and you saw the t campgns obviously coordinating in new mexico and oregonn indiana. we all bieve there's going to be an en cventntion.
7:07 am
no candidatete has 1237 7 votes. they don't have the maturity and the rules are ththe res. dwight eisenhower was not fit-place goingo his nvenon. was second to bob taft and abrahalincoln was not at first i see the this wld be a wild convention.n. >> from atta me about 54. it sounds like you a a saying they don't have to make an decisions until they get tthe convention. they don't have toeclare where they stand. is that right? >> that is correctlthough some of ts run fofor delegates have declared support for candidate others will follow the will of the people. when it comes time to go th polls, they will votfor a delicate kwing where they stand in another casis not and whe they sta. they are votg for one dividual over another?
7:08 am
>> thais correct. there's not a name of a presididential candidate just a nam >> donald trtrp will say this is rigged. maria: yeah, hee is. >> that's absurd.d. we played an outsized role inn the coconvention in 1976 when gerald ford defeated ronaldd reagan. to say that it is rieded is just absurd. that's just the comments of f a candidate whdodoes someone to play bththe rules. maria: do you thk k this is a od idea of what cruz and kasich are doing comoming up wih a strategy, cz is goingng to do what he s to do in indiana and kasich will take a stab back taking theeadd there. >> i think is a smart staff. i ally do. one of the reans i support vern k kasich is that there' an alternative tt has to be someone in the mold anthey believe that ijohn kasich and not te cruz.
7:09 am
maria: arthur aidala is herere. you are an expert in the l law d constitutionon. >> i don't t think what they are doining is illegegal. asas donald trump about in his statement of what am in the morning and ththathere could be industries for legal. basically y in a state where you've got a shot, i'm going t o lay back. you lay baback, but is it too little too late? let'talk abobout reaeality. the e congressman says he thinks john kasasich isis going to puta good show. is it a good enough owow to overcocome the donald trott machine? i doubtt. ria: i have a qckuestion with the 1976 convention. donald trump does not have enoughorny dd show up, what are therocedures? what can we expect out of it? >> after the first blot a
7:10 am
number of legates will become unbound. where they go remains to be seen. >> ex-husband john kasich has gogood shot. >> o on the first ballot if no e receives 123votes, i find it rd a a lot of ted cruz people will jump over to nald trump after l the comments donald has made about the sen. john kasich by s staying ahead s a bette position to secur deletes on the succeeding ballot. >> would've trump is 1 1158? >> you would g get marco rub. dodot forget f folks a floatingg ouound with delicate. ing to be secretary of statate come ambassador r to wherever? the differencece between the 70s and today for social mediaia aspect. the dos are never closed. the american people e going to know wt's gog on through
7:11 am
twitte and facebook good >> sounds likehat's what you want, congressman. >> i'dike to see the delegates -- the jobob should be to nominate thcandidate of best carrot or who is thbest chance of defeatg hillary clintoin november. if they comeo ththat conclusion, johnhnasich should be the candidate for pdent. that's my simple vw. for donald tmp to say everything is rigged is simimply absurd. he calls ts collusion. they committed an act t popolitics. maria:a: rl quick on the economy is the number one issue fofor folks today. how would you characteterize the economy in pennsylvania? what will drive vovoters tuesday night?t? >> i b believe the econo is what drives voters. the economy while it's b been gring and missing better employment numumbe, there's a lot of angst andneasiness. the rates of growth are subpara.
7:12 am
i thinink that's really what's driving the lack of wage growtw. until we see a a robust growth n economy, there's not the w wage growth and the lack ofof wage grgrowth is really what is drivg so much of thehe ahohor in the cocountry on the republican side and democratic side is manifested t through bernie nders. maria: congressman, goodod to jb you in thehe. thanks so much. congressssman arlie dent joining us. tune i in for special coverage f super tuesday nunumber three. tamamara 7:00 p.m. eastern with the actiontarts on t the fox businessss that were. joinin us for a special coverag. as the music world mournrns the loloss of a legend, w where hass empire expecteted to go? another win for the goldlden ste warriors.. in the mba mvp come e back from his s latest injury? details back inn a moment on "mornings with mariaia." stayay with us. ♪ when it comes to sma business, she's in t the kno.
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7:15 am
maria: welcome back pay mo boots on the groin syria. cheryl casone at that stor >> the presint speaking at the p of your show. the president getting with eupean lears today and they will continue to dcuss area. also not the also not thchange
7:16 am
in u.s. troop dement to the region >> a sll number of americann operns forces on the ground been critical as localorcess areas.riven isis s of key given the success oved a plan o250dditional u.s. specl forces to keepp this momentum. train the president sting u.s. troops will not be surprising that etial in forces.and assisting local music legend prince's en death with my questioner you left behind.ith th music questions include how mus there a there, whis gng to make decisions about it? there's no obviousors. no spouse,o chdcare with out $300 milon. we will keep tng about this. finally now everybody can ba with goldman sac. man has long bn the bigg choi for the rich and powerful
7:17 am
is now going to op an online ngs account for as little a dollar. anybody can do this. the u.s. cmers comes as the bank is trying to develop sourceofding. an insigs that the big banks we saw. trading revenue haen done. looking for wa to make more money. for the avaverage american wanto bank with goldman shs after e financialrisis? >> good question. >> is denitely some appeal ere. i can see why a any that goldmasachs to be doing this because they want to dersify their sine environmes havave for equity trading as we.. the esestion mark that i have is it's actuall quite expensive from a regulatory persctive for s to take on deposits. it's a ltle bit curious goldman sachs is willing to en them up to take in the mainstay made to me regulatory buffers liquidity provisions and so forth they must ha an
7:18 am
abundance of that. >> rudy of bandwidth? g goldmanachs. >> one of the thin we've learned in t financial csis is the bank at had a solid deposia certain better shape than banks like lehma brothers or br stearns that depended on short-term funding marketsor their funding. i get why goldn is doing tt. also think it's interesting that sms to foll mind with this whole thi take his heart. >>inancial technology firms. >> this seems a ldman played in aewew financial thnology. wh you put the words together afr what happened in 2008. >> t the radio ty environment is supped to be even tougher to have both h signed to business under one ro.
7:19 am
whether it likes it or not, ldman is a regulated day. they've got so much gulation as it is. i imagine is now much more for them. >> the banks did need not on not to comup with five this must not be a g regulatory threold. the bigg issue is generally secure a morsticky service of financncing a coup financial -- what's thehe better word? >> evevents with goldman sachs. >> putting $2.50 t tomorrow. maria: gololn state warriors at the big win lastst night. we will talk a about the ssibilitity of m moving on witht the e lakes most valuable p pla. a british astronaut compleleting the blendeded marathon forhe space ation y yesrday. fifind out how he managed run e race from space comingng out.
7:20 am
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maa: welcome back.k. were losing at said ththey went down with another s surgery. >> bererea, houston golden state has a problem. it's not the roct t to bear. think of the deloreaean and back to t f future without plutonium. can't flyly. said they returned to the wowore aftetehe missed the games that
7:24 am
they sprainedd ankle. injurered his right knee. hehe was unable to play in the second half. mri scheduled d for today. one reporterer treated that a doctorold him seseth currie has ligament.d mediacollateral he was dwn to tes in the huddle when he was told he wld be ruledut for the rest of the game. take a look at last ght's nba scores. waior is up three games with the big victory scor houston by 27 potsts. theyad an nba recd. cavaliers complete a sweep in the bosn celtics and exciting game yesterday. onplayayoff know from the nba. los anles lakers have fired head coach byr scott. hat trick of hockey teams advanced to second rnd round the stanley cup plaffs. the new yorkslanders have not won a series since 1993. ly had to do was beat the florida panthers.
7:25 am
the regulationorces over time. nooals in overtime. double-overtime cometh sudn death.h. first team t to score th the game. jo would get the opportunity to be the heranposted into the net as the ianders a advance thtaa bay lightning and of course the best partf the stanley c cup playoffs, spsptsmanship as we only see the ceremonial hanhake at the end of the series. playersign up for both teams. other nhl scores yterday. stars s when the series in six games in t capital to nominate the philadelphia flyers. the back page of "the w york post" today now pln brooyn. maria: that's what i'm tking about. brooklyn. [laughte >> eighth ciuit romantic getaway last night.
7:26 am
>> her first time since 93 thehy moveve out of the first round. tough day for the formereisman trophy winng quarterback rertedly indicted by grand jury in dallas will fa a charge of misdemeanor assault for alled benets growth and in january. ndell ces one year behind rs if convict did take off yr wedding ring. anmaybe giving you an unfair advante. d d you see what happened yestererday? brien shaw had his w wedding rig examineded by the home plate umpire because tigers manager complaint mae there'e's a possibility y he was scuffing te babaseball. they let him keeeep the ring on and one more pitch and t they ae going to make him take it off again. asas it turns out, it is a rubbr weddingg banand. maria: was i it any different wn i took the ring off? >> i'm getting marri thi saturd. i felt a as is ii want tbe a
7:27 am
professial pitcher as good professional pitcher is go for you. maria: getting mared on saturd. we'll wait for the cama go out d talk about god. >> i t think we all attested toa greaeat clu >>xei cure growing again. >> i'm going tdo the whole maria: good stuff. thank you could e of the most werful senors in the lan suggesting the fould take tters into their own handst the departmentf justice blocks the indictment. judge andrewolitano ally regnation could occur. running a marathon from m space? will it say about threrecord set by tim peek over the w weekend. i coululd me on it.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
maria: good ayay morning, evybody. you are yoop stories right now it's 7:30 a.m. on the ea coast. taking dowown truck. at presentobs at 19 when it bought donald trp the nomination they infer a a consted convention in july. popot metaphor going on the defensivovover the comment that the demeanor on the campaigngn trail as an act. >> we are involv i in the campaign andnd the segments are
7:31 am
going to start changing. >> this as a count dowown to sur tuesday y three-point now where voters in five states willll hed to the polls tomororrow. any wawarning over how a clion fefemale. by one senator thihinks there could be a leaeak coming from te fbi. runnnning a marathon in space, e astronaut runnining all 26.2 mis on the treadmill for the internatiospace station we'll ta a look at the most valuable stars wheit comes to soci me again. marcushis morning. a biweek ahead. a whole hostf ecomic data. to center bank mtings as well as the major primamaries a the speaker insisted this wk. a third of the s 500 companies reported airst quarter this week. lots of eags on the docket, and economic cendar. the bankf japan as well as the two-day fed meeting. first-quartegdp and consumer nfidence this week. senate judiciary suggesting
7:32 am
polics getetn the way that hillary clinton private e-ma server investigaon that a rogue i agent may take matters in his own hands. grassley tling the des moines register if theris political terfence i assume somebody in t fbi is going to leak this port and it's eitheroing to have aefeffect politically or le to prosecution if there's enough evidence. fbi director james colan addressing thessue claiming thelection deadline stand in his way. >> somebody asked me in th ste about whether -- as the democratic natiol conventntion convention- i forget the qution, a heart stopped for you you during the invevestigation and -- i said n. mamaria: joinings now, fox news your traditional analyst andrew napolitano. good to o see y. 's extraordinary that grasso said the fade the kid. >> everybody involved in law enforcement knows that sometimes
7:33 am
they leainformation to the press in order to affect the public pception of their case against theefendant. sometis it is to affeca jury pool. sometis it's jt her the pot. sometimes ese are bona fide whiseblowers. metimes these are people frustrated by superiors. but it is highlynusual for the chr of the senate judiciary committee toipate the nee for an f avakian like this tend to suggest it would bwise for it to happen. ere is a caveat. he did say i'm not asking th fbi to do it because is crimime to leak this infortion in the fbi notice said. but he would not be surisesed if fbents who truly believe thhere is enough evidence to indict mrs. clton and convict tued out the e-mail char and the public corruption charge fulfilfrustrated and stymied at the political pple in the justicdepament and the want the public tknknow what they
7:34 am
know. if that class of people, m more than one person makekes information to the press, either agree with senator grassleley, f there is a leak and what h his latest credible and let's facace it would've stararted public knn as credible that the presidentnt can ve a satururday night massacrere watergate style didisaster on his hand in the lt six monthths. >> the whole idea of this suggests that peoplele are expectining politics to get in e way. the whole idea suggestss prpresident obama somehow tl l t to indicted or one of his people telling the statate department r ee fbi, lay off hillary y ahead of the electction. that's what they suggest. >> you know, when n chris wallae ininterview the president of the dynamite interview. the president should notavave asked the questitions. the questis were terrifianand appropriate. the president t is invveved in this. some of the top-secret e-mails on her server was sent to hehery him.
7:35 am
soso the predent has a stake inn this. he ds s not want this case to be tried. nynyeaears ago a good friendff our boss, roger aile a now deceasedolumnist for "the new york times" kind of trade poioit of phrhrase that the departmentf political justice, no matter w o is running t j justice department, , there is a branchn there called theepepartment of politicacal justice, , which wil stop the indictment people they don't want invaded. that is whatat the fbi is runnig against. >> c could we come back to this grassley comments? do youhihink he knowsws some ra? in other words, do y t think he knows therere are fbi agents ustrated with the way ee investigatation is goingnd who wawant to leak something or is e just speculating a putting politics tmselves and say in this better come out. >> t that't's a great question i don't know what he knonows, bt i do kw it is generaray known inin washington that the same tm
7:36 am
of fbi agent that t investigated inin much of the psecution of general petraeus is ininvestigating mrs. clinton.n. many othat team bebelies that gegeneral petraeus got a slap on the list because t the evidencen mrs. c clion's case is exponentially greater, t thedo now but if it dodoes happen aga. i don't think she can survivive any kind of charge against her. evenen if they let her plea to what is called a an information, which is an n agement to play descent i in. i don'n't think she can survives a political candidate.e. i ao don't think she could survivive the leakage of enough information that causes s neutrl observers to sayay why wasn't se indict >> i'll tell you i disagree th the fbi director when he says there is no dine. that's not fair tohe american people th's not fr to registered crats. they have rourc.. he's the direcr. working on this.eryone
7:37 am
hehe has to say be the convention you guys cannot -- you ve tpick another demoat. >>t's not fair to the people. i totally ree. >> it's not fair to the american publ. no onenows what his deadline ends. last october he leo believe in january hd us to lieve man. may is a week from today. i reallyon't know. maa: he did say he wanted to be wrapped up in the end of may. >> we know they are atnding their inveation because they veve calle and her five osest about to be deposed inheeople freedom of inforon act case in the last step in th investigation ll be to invite s. clinton in. shsays she can't wait to talk to them. probably notrue. but s has a cice. e has the politically y safe thing to do whicis to go win.
7:38 am
buthat is legally treacherous for her to go when. >> iould never allow my client undee ciumstances to g when aa criminal. maria: you d don't want toay them anything. >> is a politici o or she says i'm not going to cooperate -- >> i can see how t ts advances in a an e electioneaear. especially an electionon year ws so mh h at stake and what the republblican party is so much turmoil. how does this justicice department -- >> i donon't know what you mean advance it, , meing you don't think there will be an indictment. there are peoplele in the fbi ad unfounately for mrs. clinton she is in the has of these people who are absolutel apolical, particularly the nation security team, the same team t tt investigated general petraeus. th cldn't care less about the politics of the untry. theijob is to investigate criminal l or in this case
7:39 am
breaches onational security. they don't care about ming, potics, politicians. they don even care about their boss. they cababout the constitution sesecurity of a nation. >> is there somethining there ty don't t do w what they want. >> therere is a theory that if e pushes aggressivively in esenting this evidence to o a grand jury believed the resignations.. thenen the president has a saturday nightht massacre. the boss to be the atrnrney general of the u unid states of amica, bebeto blanche. >> another --- >> comes in and says here'ss the evidence. we have enough for indndictment and she e ys now. maria: good toee y you. as for explaininit a. new ststudies show more children are hurt by adjusting ththe colr of a longerr pause. the other main details are nexe. stayay with us on that. check on the weekend boxox offie for r the second straight weeke.
7:40 am
ththe jungle book was king g at movie theaters bringining in $6$60.8 million, bumping total o 192 mimillion. the huntsman winters wer disappointed over ththe weekend with a l lackluster $ $20.1 miln despite a stellar cast t tt includes chris hansbrough, shirirley's iran and jessica chastain. baba in a moment. stay with us. ♪ the pursuit of h healthier. it begs from the cond we're born. becausealthier doesn't happppen all by itself. it n needs to be earned every d day.
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7:43 am
maria: welcome back to brurusses susubw station had last night in the terror attack.k. cheryl casone withthout inhabitants now. chcheryl: : it's been a long ti. this is a susubway station openg up earlier today. this happened the belelgian
7:44 am
capital.l. people killed b ba suicide bomber on march 22nd.. the brussels a airport is still not back up to capacacity but as chchieexecutive says the airport is expected toto fullyly reopent some poiointnune. meanwhwhil despite repeated warnings about the dangersrs associated w witlaundry detetergent caused chemists at a show that calls totout the continue to risese fm january january y 20 to december 2014,, momore than 22,000 calls about childr in the packetets. that is up 20%. kids think t the pods are candyy and ththeyut them in their mouth. two kids have ed ovever t this. nally this, the london marathon began from ououtespe yesterday. reddish astronaut didn't b be counted down thehe side of the rarace the international space station and then he ran th 26.2 miles whilst t strapped ino the special treadmill. he fininished in an estimated three h hou 35 minutes 21
7:45 am
seconds. that is a good time,e, erybody to run a marathohon. anan hour and a half behind the winner from kenya. who reres. he ran a maratnn in ace. > if there's no gravity i in space,e, how could it be that hard? i'm sorry to be a cynynic. cheryl: he was strtrappedd in. maria: come on, john. >> i i'm not knocking the guy. i've never run a maratathon. bubut i'm justt saying g -- >> tre's goto be advanantages to run in ththat space. maria: big w week for marcus. gdgdp report. whatreouou expecting? where has growth gone? >> we potottially expectiven less thahan not. we talababout the gdp in the rearview mirirro inventntory that has been builtp and nonow they are on the path. if you look k at the consumer, t should be strong to the poinint john has been making.
7:46 am
neverthelessss, the b big questn investors mimind this week is going to b be how are we going o get pasthe u.n. uncertainty of eaing as well as high ltiples. maria: how do u want to allocateoney today. oil prices are back up. what are you telli clients? >>ou've got to look at the other side of the market, whh is the credit spe. when equity maets arare nonot ven you 10%, maybe not even 5%, when you c get 6.5% yield, that'sretty good. also on the els of the ecb last week, corrate bonds are big deal not ju foruropean instors that the u.s. investors. i see e valuin high-yield honda as well as investmen on.n. maria:a: jon hilsenrath bank off jajapan thursday in the sena tuesy y an wednesday. >> i actually got a a chce to
7:47 am
t down with the doj governor week ago and he'e's ry worried abouout the effect that a strong yen is havg on inflation if anyone believes policthis week, if the d, not the fed. maria: speculation that ey are going to dsomething else like e ecb. a mix of policies out of the dodoj. but some optimisism around the bank o of japan despite negativy because of negative ininterest rates. >> is one thing they have nonot tried. as we know, all of t that coupld with q qb have failed to meaningfully get the ecoconomy going. the ecb is getting rightht to he these targeted launcnch from refinancing g operations given e money to t bank to the pin land. th are actually landing. i would say doj don't look at those as part the solution. >>ith the doj as mucas any central bank is really a min game. promoter wan to show the world
7:48 am
he is not stopping. he igoing to keep doing whatever he can to get inflation. >> such a high bar the kiwis going to by almost 40%. the doj will hold 40ofhe govern bond market versus 20% of the u. >> they e already buying twice as much bond and issuing ery year to cover. >>s ally incredible. they do need to lo to sulement that with other measures. maria: gto see you this rning. cheney so muchor joining us thorningng. we will takehort break. more of with arthur dala and n hilsenrath. how a new bsite is treating appearances and endorsemen of up to 7000tars. we will hahe detailslsext. ♪
7:49 am
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7:52 am
maria: welcome back. a new website putting a prpricen cecelebrity treats. using the alalgorithm to calcule how much it t would cost to get something like rhianna to pepear at a fundrdraiser or event. thatat is $1.5 milli sound? tom shall come a host redeye inhe fox news channel with more on this. this iszing. good to see you. >> it's amazind i don't like it. ve an agent in entire purpose is to convinceple that i'm worth more ththan i am.
7:53 am
when you have the e sites rankig people, i don't eded t this. maria: when you u see an endorsement t om a celebrity, generally spki y you believe it. you inink k that person must use it or liket.t. yododon't immediately think they are getting paid to sasay they like somhihing. > you've got taylor swift. she's number one onunumber two on the list. e tweaked out deficiencies i the moisturizer, lot o of people by thatoisturizer. wheas bono says i've got this hand cream, it not going to rk. it depends owhere you are connected the product or the seice. the percepon is that taylor swift is trustedn a number of ars. i n't know if you could put it into an algorithm, but apparently thedone it. maria: she is getting $2.5 m milliono show up somewhe. >> obvious that's worth it. there was guy and a comedn
7:54 am
who said his tweets we wor $1600. i've never heard o of them. hehe's's getting more money tha. maria: you wenent rough the wewebsite and found rhianna take second place at 1.5 million.n. >> allf f the are huge. i shououlde worth something. i search for myself. nothing. no ranking. i sisingn a barber quartet with jimmy fallon. maria: rudy giuliaiani is s ou friend. he might raise your r industry dinner for $85,000. > is probably worth it. he's t trusteded in the world of popolitics. when it cocomes to personal appearance fees, that isis where you ha magers, agents. i can tell you what i'm woh. i don't ow tha but treats her birthday wre. did you search for youourself? maria: i did not.. >> i can't believe it. if you put your owown na and your reaeaches 288,000.
7:55 am
thatat's pretty big, especially comped to me come than zero. they wouldn't tell me what y get for your personal appearan. for that i have to se o o maria: i'm not going to ow why. >> they y want you to y. a a lot of people enjoy the service are opople like me who want to kw. maria: i would only show up i really like it i'm not gog to do it just to do it. >> also i don't what o that. we work for fonews. we can't taked about her vorite projects. ria: if kim kardashian tweet about ur new book where let's say the 36 softwe project gets $500,000 fee. >> yh. the problem is ifouse your social media to beonstantly pluggingroducts and people n't think it's real, it will moderate down in your valuablele go down.
7:56 am
the secret -- i fofoll people on mr. . graham and i know theyre getting paid. they sayay iust tried this wonderfuhair conditioner. did you reay? maria: have you beme a cynic? >> no, i don't. i'm constantly tweg about my farite coffee sho marihey know youou really y like that coffee. >> if i cashn on it, i wouldn't be ususorth anymore. maria: tom, that is y we watch redeye take a short break. house majority leader to delay. ceo republican idate linda mchon as i it does. you don't t want to miss it.ts back in a moment. this is mymy retirement. retiring retired tires.
7:57 am
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but maria: good d monday morning everybody. a maria bartiriromo. it's monday,y, if the 20. 8:00 a.m. . on the eastoast. tankers and jumped at 19 m minus about donald t trump from the nomimination. they aim f for a contested convention this jululy. >> i'm only teterested in the first ballot. i'm not interested in second, eric, forthcoming 19th. i'm really ierested inin winning an eararly amount of it. >> i will comment with a a ton f delegates.s. donald ciampa commmment donald ciciampa commented the town of delegates and one ofof the two f us wilill be a nominee. i'll tell you u what people thi. dedelegates will think about who can win in the fall.
8:00 am
maria: more boototon the ground. riright now president obama announcing this morning 250 additional troops will be e head to syria. a new record foror the tsa meanwhilile and it's a scary statistic. you will not b believe how many guns the tsa confiscated or in carry-on bags in one weeeek. we will tetell you about it. boycotting target. the outragage over the bathroom policy coming out. another r victory for apple. prosecututors forced the company i'm not an iphone.. take a look ofof markets at the big week ahehead of us. one ththird of the s&p 500 repoporting earnings this week alone. amonong the top names, apple, exnmobil, bowling, facebebook, twtwitter. central banking is toto speak te reserve has a two-daday meetingn bank of japan has adadmitted thursday. we alsget readings on durable ods. rst-quarter p and consumer confidence. with me this morning, "t wall street joual" jonilsenrath
8:01 am
and thur aidala. reallyly good stuff. good to see you. >> want to know who is going to be in the target throoms. i am serio abo thihis, like enforcing the rules. all kiing aside. u ver want to create a to create a lot of it's n enforceable. what are they going too? are they going to have somebody investiging what apparatusou have. >> i don't understand why yo can't move towards unise bathrooms. >> i believe it's a ze thing. especiallyn the men'soooom. in limited space with your baby is only ree or four. it cuts down on space. >>be it's a problem at giants stadium. i don't see how it's a proem th target. if you look at the busineses community,arge competing
8:02 am
amazon and wal-mart. there are serious margins andf they are ging people a reason not to go to their sre, that is it. >> the real problem for taet is in thiconflict region affects bathrooms. the technolology is eating their lunch. jo: you can't focus your efforts on fixing that sves fixing not first in every desion not to be made her brown eye. you think about it from a purely business standpoint. maria: jon hilsenrh, five contest tomorrow. you' gotot maryland, rhode island, delaware, pennsysylvani, connecticut. >> the pennsylvania contest is the intereststing one because yu have all these delegatates that come o o. 71 delegegates at stake. 54 kittyikike it and we are not going to know w who they are gog to back until the convenention. so that bebecomes 54 cld be the rgin of error for donanald
8:03 am
trump. >> some of thohose run on a platrm. i am aidala deniable back donand trump.p. ria: but that's first-rouound. >> what pepeople cannot minimize is the americann concept that ta person witthe most of those e is supposed t to be the one who's e big tour. it's not absolute. i don't thinink you can minimize the convention to trump hasn't't hit the milestone but he has very category of those, mo an kh. >> it confir the salt argument where you tread wt do people want whoever gets t most votes to become theventual. it's not who the delegateshink ishe best candidate. maria: let's get t word from e former h house majory leader tom delay. thanks for joining us.
8:04 am
>> thank you maria. ma what is youtake on this? here we are monday morng talkinabout t kash talking about an agrmentnt. stay out of my wayay in indiana. i'll say out of your w way in ororegon. her thoughts on the stratetegy. >> is pretetty good strategy. the best a agreed to let kasasih get out ofof the race together o the voter has a cleaear choice beeen trump and kasich. one of t those two will be the nominee. hang saidd that, i thihink in practice this strategygy has ben goining on. but nowadays comome out come out yesterday that its more formal. if you are going to stop t trum, it makes sense foror you to put all your resources in n those stes where you have a chancnce to win more delegegates.
8:05 am
maria: book of the delelegate count so farar. donald trurump at 845 delicate.. if h he comes and gets to july d he's got arthur aidala jess at 1150, more than 1100. is there a magic number r that trump getsts t bad he cannot be stopped, t that there'll be too muchch pack from voters even ough it not the official 1237. can n heet to the nomination without getting 1237 is thee question. >> yes, he canan. there is a wayay to get there, at he can be stopped at ththe same time.e. this is going g to be really, really tight. he's got an 845 delegates,s, but therere'951 delegates that he voted for somebody that ourur pledge to somebody o oth than tribe. so trump is not at that threshold. those people that are claiming he's the present the n nominee e justst wrong.
8:06 am
this is a very unusual race that going right dowto the wire. it will l goightht down to june ththeventh. maria: june 7th inning california. >> made in calalifornia.a. you can't jujust take a statewie po. as you knonow, california's congngreional district by congressional didistct as new york wasas ifrankly pennsylvania. so, trumump a and kasich and crs have all kinds of opportrtunies to makakhings different. the only thihingoing on right now is peoplple e wanting to jump on the bandwagonon othe winner. 7979 and crews are figing agaiainsthe head wind. >> mr. delay, is it true if f he got that close, if trump i is tt close, i isn it t true that thee would be all kindsds o maneuvering with other candidates besideses ry t tal about who have delelegates insie the sin, whether it's marco
8:07 am
ruo or ben carson and caca neeed a uple here, a couple ofof thehr end in e exchange for y y votes, is not would have e been likee lai stevevenson and g genal ford given the delicate citity went t anbebecame the vice presidential nominee. >> well, i've got to t tell you, that i is the system. thatat'she process. i dot like the fact that someone that doesn't get a mamajoty and have been the nominee. thatat h hpened with mccain and romney. i called them to 30% candidadate they went 30% of t the state and get alall ththe delegates. i'm realallynjoying this because people areble e toetet involved the process peoplple are working in this campaigngn fance creating a great excitement thtt hehelps you as you go into thehe general election.. is notion if you've got ththe most voteses in frarank trump oy
8:08 am
s 40% of the total votes t that hahave been cast so far. 60% are e agnst him. this whole notion if youet close to getet the nomination.n. 've got to keethe honored trition of a tradition of immaturity. immaturityinds. >> conessmen can you say you're enjoying this. how worried are you at ts point that whoer the candidate afterhis assess is gointo be so damagethat he is going to have a very hartime running against the democratic candidate. >> wl, at this point in time in ery presidential race and never domina process, people t singlary getting maged.d. oliphant goes ay once the nvenons are over and you g head-to-head democrat against republican incumbent hil against the republican an peoptart coming togetr.
8:09 am
i don't have any wor whatever about that. >> are you fullyehind donald trump is in wednesday's primaries? >> it depends what donald trump does after the conventif he's the nomee. if he contues to be a little and not a conservative w to change his position taxes, no, i can'susupport him. but if it continues, a few shifts to a more conseive positions have been mae i can support him. you nt to support so of the positions of the phycians who will around like that? >> i may not hava choice. hillary's position sfts around like that. ri you are basically sayin you will suppo the nominee whoer it is or you are watching to see if donal truru
8:10 am
changes his spots before youet on? >> idonald tru is the nonee, he has to convince me he could make goodod president. right no i don't believehat. ria: them toet your take o the reaction to esident obama. j just announced an additiona 25250 special ops syria. boots t the ground to help stop isis. >> my b biggestst concecern is s putting 250 special l ops in has way. i am very worried about theheir safety. maria: you don't want anany boos on the grounund? >> i wanmore boooo on the ground. 250 may put them in haharms way and not give them a chcece to do it. the presesident should say we ae going toin this anand wi them ouout and do whatever it takes o do that. this p piecemeal strategy is jt putting our service people and
8:11 am
military in jeopapardy. we've got to understand thatat e are at war and we out to treat it like a waand go clean them out. jo: congressman delayis there vice preresintial candate or a picture would acally allow you to support a ticket that lo increasiny like l a at this point in wh would th be? >> i haven't thoht about that to be honest with y. cruz, rubio would ke me happy. t still, we all know at the vice presidents not the president. marif people don't normally vote for vice presidt. that is aact. but if in fact the ticket chges, i think it the right question. if you a change in the ticket wheret is trump and rubio, w you support that
8:12 am
ticket? >> if it iump and rubio? again, i come ck to my premise. trump has to pve to me that he can be presisident maria: congressmangood to have you on the pam. inc. so much. congressman m delay. still toome, looks like standing in liline wasorth i the tsa setting the rd coting outrageous amount of firearms that was n and people'sarry-o-on luggage. we've got the details coming next. by the coast guardrd to get involv in one man's race from florida to bmuda. re on this after the break. stayh us. ♪ when it comes to small business, she'in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small buss edition. , no! i'm up to my nk in operating costs
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maria: welcome back. a new w record for the number of guns seized atat airports s the transportatition security admininistration. cherylyl casone with t that arr. transfsfer t that time he forgoo leave your gun at t home. 73 firearms werere found i passenger carrrry-on lugge scanners last w week. that numr r was reached in the seven days ending april 21st and totop the previous high of . movivie guns at home.
8:16 am
just a thought. 400,000 people have sisign a pledge to boycotott target. this comes after target amount center employees will bellllowed to use the batathroom that corresponds wi t their gendered entity. ♪ billy paul best known for his number one clalassic me and mr j jones. he died yesterdaafafter a courageous manan more e than 60 arars. paul was recentltly diagnosed wh pancreatic canr.r. mendnd mrs. jones, one of the top. that's notot rhyththm and blues peorormance. really paul was 80 yeaears o ol. frfrom the what could go wrong file. ththe coast guard stping a guy trying to go froflflorida to beududa in a bubble. the 44-year-oliriranian plan to spend five months jogngng inside
8:17 am
of his hamster wl l craft from what we e could tellere. this into the flidida coosite bermududa triangle end quote of puerto rico and ititi and cuba. heasas warned of imprisonment and a fine if you made t the trp without a support boat, , whichf coursee e did not have. the coast guard had to rescue the same company becamame strand back in 2014. that cost taxpayeye $140,000 to the coast guard was on at ee time. they are weighedn n at the beach atat 2:00 in the morning. maria:nbelievable. jo: is so ch f fun but it tual gets very hot and humid. wh you eat? he was plaing to cch fish, eat protein bars andleep on a hammock. >> where did you run your bubble? jo: iran in bble on a lake in beijijing chi.
8:18 am
it'so fun. you woullove it. the mac you arin a lake. >> i didt for five minutes. >> catch fish. hello. the postcas can just let him go. we have toign n a waiver for everythi. if you dieit is your fault. let them go. maria: the fbi cracks anotr ipiphone without apple'sel what that meanup next. don't mess with b beyoncé. the superstatar singnger unleasg a barrage of blood lyrics aimed at her cheatg g husband. we w wilhave the details of th cap the story coming up.
8:19 am
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maria: welcome back toto the department of juststice saying thato o longer did app subtwo i'm not th iphone.e. it ends a balele between the technonology giant at my enenforcement over access toto encrypted devices. u.s. attornerorobert tabor issued a a latter day yesterday evening and individual provid a passcode to e e iphone in th case or the government used thpapasscode by hand and gain access to the iphone. arthur aidala is with t thi morning. i ntnt your take on this because now iso o the government can do this without apppple's help. >> well, i'm not sure from whaht you said it is so mumuch a boy d gave them ththe cocode. i can tell you it is ann issue. i h have clients - -- they don't have a a constitutional obligatn to give over the code.
8:23 am
does hilillary clinton have to o and speak to thehe head of the fbi? no. you u have the right to remain silent and notot to incriminate yoyourself. that's parart of the founding of this c country. they canan't force the individul to g give the e code. what t they've been trying to do is try to o get apple to give tm of the code. apple e is saying we are not getting inin the middle of this. another company was able too crack the cod is in this little disturbrbing ththat the government can't do t for lots of other r individualsr compmpanies can hack into our phphones in our s systems? what does that tell us a about r privacy? jo: apple's encrcryption is in a secucure as they say it is in te fundamental problelem is that continue to build mo opeperated systems. they are goingng to craft more n pose an even challenenge to the govemement it's interesting because fbi are paid more than $1$1 million for basically what couould be classified as a way to
8:24 am
cyberattack capapability, not jt one phone, but alsreach otothehr types of devices a and software. it's's a very interesting philosophical l question as wel. paid something to o crack into . >> ethically, is that mamany moe acceptablele than the government doing it itlf if they are paying aansom? jo: that t debate. homuch moneyo you pay at what point do you go bacand repair the relionship with appl chief security oicers and make the relationshiptronger and viceersa. we are not going to particate in this. u guys want to figure it out we are not going to be t ones who would gi the united states govevernment access to everyons phone with her much da being
8:25 am
stored. the all message to everyone as there is no me privacy. the uned states supreme court time after time whetheoral arguments are reachingecisions basilly said technology or privivacy, so your dry that only exist in hard rm underour d d a shoebox, if it is on the phone, do not assu that it has the me ptection from unlawfulul searches and seizures were a judge wouldave to signn a warrant a andicking your friend for chemical l when your back, opopen the shoebox and get your diary. now it is so easy.y. >> not just judges. anyone who w wants to make that their business or hobby n get there. jo: there is no doubt is nothe level of sophiication that needs to bto answer questions. there is very much a lack understaing of what encryption is, whatt can do and how it should b handled. >> there is that balanceetween privacy rits versus national security interests
8:26 am
those willll be evolving arguments. track is cerertaly a apply to cacalifornia without any fuel. will tell you about ththe solar powered d flight across the pacific. snapchat t this is your right as an american r the soon to o take sosotheby's in t the voting boo. shshould you deal to share litical views on social l media? ke your r right here on the fox business network. keep it wiwith a. ♪
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8:29 am
>>od monday morning, erybody, i'm maria bartiro. it's my, april 25th. the east coast. 8:30 a. on taking down donald t. d cruznd kasich aiming for contested conventition in july lookinead, and with hillary clinton. >> i'mot fed on hillary clinton, the last personhe wants to run agains donald trum trump keeps saying thilike i di really mean it. it all part of m my reality tv show. running r president will be on your screen. well, u know what? if we that, shame on us. he's alreadyhowed us what he belies, that he's already saidt he wants to do.
8:30 am
stuart:. maria: all of this as we cou to super tuesday three, where ters in n five states he to the polls tomorrow, including ccticut. we will talkthelizath mcman. and making it easier f passengers to y since everhings automatic, now ur driver may ask you to py up extra cash. bence releasing hew album "lemonade", the juils next. snap chahat, why thehe social ma app wants you to tatake a selfi in the voting bobooth. and earnings t this week. among the top names,s, exxonmobl and x-book and there's a a two-day meeting onon wednesday and bank of japan n has a meetig on thursday.y. plus, readings on durablble goos ordersrs, third quarter gdp and confidencece likely to set the
8:31 am
tone for t the markets. the lows o of the morning, we'r expeining a lower opening for the broad are averages. the dow is o opening lower. and ted cruz anand john kasich with an effort to blocock donal trump's patath. . good mororning to you. jo john. >> a ranancorish campaign, , je rowe last night sending g out a message, to enensure that we nominate a republican n who can unify the party. they'll focus s time and resosources in indiana and chee the path foror governor kay search to compete in oregon anad new mexico a and hope that both campmpaigns follow our lead. cruz waited untitil after last night's town hall releleased th newsws and he certainly leaned n
8:32 am
athat directioion when asked about the e path forward. here is cruzrom last nightht. >> everyone would rather s see ththe republican party ute early on by a a nominee. i would loveve to have 1237 delegates today,y, that hasn't happppened. what is good for the g.o.p. is nominate a candidatate who can win and whwho actually has a rel substantivive agenda. >> this morning, donald trtrump clclearly incensed was still tweeting aboutut it, writing ths on twitter, lying ted cruz andn kasich are unable to beat me on their r own so they have to tea up, collusion, i in a two on on, shows weakness, shows how wewea and despererate lying ted is whn he has to team up with a guyuy who openly can't ststand him an one win in 38 l losses. john kasich's campmpaign announced they would cancel so appearances and he sasays
8:33 am
he's certainlylyt will be in july. >> we're going to an open convention, he s says we don't know what we're tatalking about but turns out t wee right. the delegates e going to think about who n win in the fa. can donald trump still get to 1237, a majority before t convention? yes. what really is the key indiana. if cruz castop him there, trump will hava a very, very diicult time. so that'why he's throwing all in in indiana the next week. that's cruz. maria:e's working hard in indiana for sure. ted cruz thinks he got it locked u hn roberts this morning in pennsylvania. we wanto statay in politics, the last pls show that donald tmp is holding a uble digit lead in pennsylvania. 45% support headed into supe tuesday, and that's in pennsylvania. ted cruz trails behi with 27% and john kasich in trd place with4% favorability. joining me now is republica senate candidatete and wwo ceo
8:34 am
linda mchon. you ran r the senate twice and you've sn itit up close and personal. does anything surpse you? what is yourake ruz and kasich teaming up against trump? >> polics makes strange bed fellow thiis the last throw down against t t. remainins to be seen.n. mamaria: what's s your thought o the connectiticut primary. what do you think will be driving them tomorrow ninight ad what's m most important to the connecticut residents? >> what's most importatant and remamains and has been since whn i rainin 2010 and 12, it's the economomy and it's jobs. itit's the fact that even thoug we've-- you know, the percentage o of unemploymentnt is better over te st couple of years, there's s still more pplple out of work and the economy inin connecticu is t tough. the governor is gettining ready
8:35 am
to layoff 2500 state empyeyees, 900 million defificit. so that t could affect voters going to the polls b because its ththe administration that's in office nowment so whetheher there's anany blowback remains o be seen. maria: it's s extraordinary and the tax rereform story. people want to see thahat they can n get somebody in there to actuallyly lead when it come the economy, taxes and jobs. do we know who that caidate is? what are you feelingbout coecticut voters and how thth'll vote? >> the gubernatorial race two years from now in conneccut and you know, it's still a very, very blue ste. but therare many so good candidates, i think, that wi be emerging for the governorship and you know, w hope to e a leader in there that will ha better tax refos. >>re y you expected a contested convention? >> i am. i am. i mean, i think that donald d i making the push, t the hardest push that he can. . but with t this collusionow-- i'll cl it collusion. maria: hcalled it collusion. by t way, it's not iegal in politics.
8:36 am
>> no, it's no but with cruz and kasichwe'll have to see. maria: you launchea new company, aiming to promo leadership for women, leadership opppportunities f fo wowomen. tell m me about wom l leadershi. >> i'maving a good time with it and understding the need for this kind of organizio women learn live, you can learn more about it at and for women however th've termined success, if they've ft the job market and come back, if they're srting a compann mid level management and aspire go to the c suite,t't's a goal to he t them do that. maria:hyhy do you think that women face this glass ceililing when you look at polits s and soso many industries and sll, it's, , women are hard pressed o get that cororner office, the co office. women lack confidence because themselves. it's one of the thingst we can help do. won are e statistically,
8:37 am
theyshown that they have a community of support a mentors, and they do bette men mentorg women in the workplace is somethi that's helpful for women to comup the corporate ladder. let me ask y about politics and women. if hillary were choose a woman. woululd that help? is t the woman thing working thi elecection? >ou know, i've always felt persalally, you elect the candidate you thk k is best for thjojob. not based on race,e, not based n geerer, but based on who really cadodo the job. i feel the same way about atat. >> and i think, really, e e more of our titing public okoks at it this wayay. the best candidate foror the jo. riria: okay. so is there a mistake atat wowomen make in business? is thehere a mistake that women make in leaderership that you haveve identifieied, with this company? >> i think that women doane supporort ch other well enough. found out when i was runnining, ople don't-- women rereal don't support each other well enough, w wheer it's in the company, whetheher it's n the commmmunity.
8:38 am
whwhatever it is, and we need t get behind, you know, our r womn managers and learsrst the wowomeleerers need to step up, also, and be an exexample for that leaeadership. maria: and of course, , you yoseself were the e ceo at wwe, the ceo, obvioiously, of women' leship live, but i want to bring this up p beuse we are remembering this week, last week the legend chyna, aka joan laururer. my condolences. >> joan was in the f forefront f ththe power positions in wwe an shshe will be missed. maria: how hard was s that for you as a woman, to b be ading this organization which h just seems like it's soso mh testosteronene? >> well, actctually, you know, one ofof the things that wweas do just recently is renamed d its s entire women's division. it's now the w wom's championship not thehe das
8:39 am
chchampionship because the wome superstars are equal to ththe n supersrsta in wwe and that's a change in philosophy and i think th sphananie mcmahon as the chief brand officer has had a lot to do with that. maria: and t tt's obviously by design. >> by dedesign. maria: nice to see youou. ank you for jojoininus, liz mcmahon n joing us this morning,e'll watchch the extement i in coconnecticut on tuesday, thanks for comingng in. >> thanknks so much. maria: b changes c could be coming to a ubernear you. why you might haveve to shell ot more cash toto hail that ride ad beyonce's smashihing new video taking the music world by storm. hoshe's sending a message to he phinderg husband. ♪ shouldn't what makes eacof a
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help individuaze our cancer treatment? now through advancednomic, we may be ableo pinpoint and diagnose wmakes your cancer differenwhich e treatment options th were not considered previy. with timportant breakthrought th
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intersection of science d technology, we've arrived precision cancer treatment the evolutio cancer care is here a ncer treatment centers ofrica. to learn more abou precision cancer treatme
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♪ baby we were borno run ♪ ♪ yes, ♪ >>45 minutes away from the opening bell for a monday. we're expecting a low openg at trading today. we'll n with breaking news, valeannamed a w ceo, naming jop joseph papa as ceo. . valeant shares mping. an perrigo down,nd it's down another 15% as the ceo leav to join veant. higher restrucring expenses,
8:44 am
the coany cutting full year 2016 view below expectatns, rox taking a hit. beyonce fans have moreays to buy r new album. cheryl cone with the headlines cheryl yl bence's new album not exclusively on title. ♪ ♪ thedon'n't love you like i love you ♪ >> nade dropped late saturday night, bureleased on i-tu yocan only get it on title, bushe knows whathe's doing and amazon confirming that going to sell the album starting nt month. is ftures lyrics about her husband's, jay-z possible
8:45 am
infidelity, whether not her relatiship w with him is going to last, raising that spulation. and a 0 million dollar class acaction settlent allows er classify driveras contctors rather than employees. that's a went for the mpany, but eris clarifying policy on tippi tipping. e new policies allow the drivers to post t discte signs that tips are not included in the fa. and for thrich and powerful, ththey're ing to open an on-line sangs account for as little as $1. the sangoption for u.s. customers as ty try to develop new sources of fding. and a sor-powered aiairplane successfully lan in california after ahree-day flig across the pacific ocean that started ihawaii. that was 62-hour nonstop flight without any fl as part of the plane's glol travel to
8:46 am
omote, obviously, clean energynd, well, california. shocker, back to you. maria: yeah, i reay want to travel on th. i'm sorry. my favoritpa of the news is cheryl, your reactction to half the stories. thank yoyo cheryl. ahahead, snapchat fighting for your right to take a ballolot selfie and allows viewers to show h how they ted on the app. stay with us. ♪ (gasp) s shark diving! xerox personalized employe portals help companies make benefits simplele and accessible... from a anywher. hula dananci?? cliff jumping! human resoces can work better. with x xerox. which allergy? eeeees. bees? eese. trtrees? eeeese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic healtrerecords
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8:50 am
or even jail time. how, snapchat fifiti f you right to take selfie while voting. jo. >> snapchais filing a brie in new hamhire, a 26-page argument sayinthat you should be ae to take a picture of your ballot and share thatnd the reason ty're filing this, the case being considered at uld create a banf such photos. it's a busins decision, no surprise here, it ys tha th use the stuff that we take onon snapchat and put them io the live stori and cure rate em. the elecon, the new york primary or a basketball ga at e nba and say that that woul strict their news gathering capabilities, but so, you have to look at from the voteparticipation standpoint. maybe you want ttake a victim ofour ballot a share that and those going to show vote participation. if it's illegal to dot, why ould snapchat get an exception. it's illel to do this.
8:51 am
they're not asking for an exception, they'rere filing a brief saying we e dot want this ban to be in plalace. what they're trying to campapain as one ds, a tech companany. mamariria: it reminds me when t unions ce up witith this idea to be able to knocock on your door and say, , here, sign this pepetition. we want to u unionize, and it ws a little-- peoplele felt it looked -- this is supposed to b be done in my own private time, nonot feeling likeke i'm getting bullied. now, what if you donon't want that pictu tak a and then you start getting bullied and feeling essure that you have to take a picture? well, it's your choice to take photo of anything. right? th are satisfy saying ey don't t want a ban in place saying you winteter do it. maria: i'm just sayingng, that was s the whole case with the union thing asas well. about unionizingng. yeah, you're supposesed to do i in pririvate, but once it becoms okay and acceptable to havave sosomebody knock on your door ad say sign this, i want to see you sign it, then n it may becoe
8:52 am
acceptable to say,y, no, no, tae a picte e and brit. >> i guess it could be ld like that. but taking a oto that no one is asking them to take and the other side of it, of urse, ballot voter privacy and alofhat, too. >> is anodody with snapchat, saying, they've-- >> sththere's different judges and leslslators that support goinagagainst the potential. maria: a arthu your legal expertise? >> the thing is, the voting prprocess is supposed to be ve very private, , it's supposed t be beyond reproach. maria: that's whatat i'm saying. a and people don't want people-- folklks don't want them in there snapping away y and bringing, w spokoke on the last segment, bringing a picture of b ballot intohehe equation, it's supposed to be very simpmple an it's supupposed to be private. to this day, i could asky dad
8:53 am
who did you vote f? he d not tell you. >> some peop would tell you. whole process, like soany people-- >>iscovering me in the voting booth, ving for-- >> thahat'this generation, i was going to say. >> on facebobook and snapchat, but some things arcred and private andet's take that process seriousl i sound li an old man. maria: no, and-- >>hoosing to protect your pracy or not protecting your privacy. maria: feeling bullied-- >> thehe ctu is moving to everytng you do is-- let me geyour take on this otheone, too, the game of thros season six premiered lastight in h.b.o. in time for the new electionoll. thrones sten, a poll finds nsavor tiernen over dond
8:54 am
trump and clinton and-- the only person tied the poll is bernie sanders. >> they could go heatoead. it's funny, it ieresting because clearlthere's a huhuge llowing, game of thrones, bibi money bakefor h.b.o. maria: and f tiernen. >> i d't watch it and i might consider voting him. >>nd you could take a selfie. >> over the weekend, you kw, talking about changi thehe faces on thels and all that, i think the 0 bill should have prince's face on i t and should only be w worth 19.9. >> i saw that on twitter. how that-- did you get get the referencnce toto the song, party like it's-- >> yeah, 1999.9. >> i s saw it on twitter. saw that joke e two days ago.
8:55 am
>> i'melping you out here. and the face or t the symbol? >> and you've already me up with the dign. w we've got the design. maria: and they' s showing us the mamails. there you go. and that debate la week,f f we have time to ta a about it. maria: go o ahead. >> there's a lot of americanan economic historyhehere andrew jacacks, , had an 8,000 word departure speecech when he left hisis presidency. a third of it was abt t the evils of per moneyey and central banknks and then we go 10yeyears later and put his face on a $20 billll and the unitited states treasury in all of its wisdom decided at thehe outset they y wanted to keep jackson anand knock off alexandr hamimilton who is the founder of-- >> the treasury. >> and f finally give them credit, they came to theheir senses after internal debate, ,
8:56 am
let's get rid of jacksonon. mamaria:a: how did they not see that in the beginning? that's outrage for hamilton n coming off. >> w who makes the decisions. >> thanks goodness for thehe hall. >> of the presidenential ballot who should be e on the cover. maria: tweets, final thoughts from our all-star panel xt. stay with us. you focus on g great burgers, or buiing the best houses in to. or becomg the nextus on g highly-unlikel, or buiing the best dotcom supererstar. and us, we'll be rit there with you, heingto get your brand w business started. we're legalzoom anwe've already partnered heinwi over a million nebusine. business started. check us out today to o see legalzoom. legal help is here.. ♪ legal help is here..
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♪ welcome back,k, f final though from o our all-star panel. jon hilsenra, a big week fo markets. don't watch the fed this weekek, watch japan. maria: and peek k eaings, jo ling kent, and twitterer and wht else. >> amazon and fafacebook, exxon if we're going outsiside of tec, but i'll watching apple, seeing how the iphones didell year over ye. ria: it's a big week for markets, but the b biggestst we of a all forrthur ahdidalaidala more week as a singlgle man. >> and i've only k known her 18 years s in june. totook us a while to get.. maria: yeah.h. >> 3 305 of us will be dancing away here e in new york city. maria: congratulations.
9:00 am
>> thank you. maria: wisishing you the best ad mary anne as well. >> thank you. maria: and thank y youjon hilsenrath hienenrath, arthur aidala anand thank you. stuartakake away. i will, maria. ststua: have you seen anything lilikehis bere, rigging the primaries,s, it's happening now ted cruzuz a john kasich will cooperate to m maxize the nontrump vote. cruz will not contesest egon and new mexico and kasicich ll the same in indiana. is it fair to say y th the candndidates are rigging the delegate count? trump calls it desperaration an there's a little not dedevepment in the hillary e-mail programam. it was dumped into the news s mi on friday afternoon. jujudge napolitano says it's moe bad news for the clintonon cp. here comes bad newews r the obama ececonomy. a rerepo this week will show it slowing to almost t a ad sto


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